Please… Try… Nature!

Why consumers choose TRY NATURE?

  • 97% natural ingredients
  • Japanese ingredients and Polish production optimizesd the price of the product
  • Fashionable  and minimalistic look
  • Heavenly exotic fragrances from the most beautiful parts of Asia
  • Quality product with  unique formula
  • Japanese shapes and colors

Blossom Cherry & Argan

Cherry extract and argan oil is a unique combination of power that rebuilds hair structure.
Thanks to the godness of omega acids contained in oils: argan and jojoba and panthenol, hair are nourished and smoothed. From the top to the ends.
The subtle scent of cherries enchants with its sensuality.

Cactus water & Aloe Vera

Combination of cactus and aloe gives great nutrition and regeneration.
The formula is cleansing the scalp, the amino acids, coffeine and panthenol effectively strengthens the hair up to the ends.
Wonderfull fragrance relaxes and inspiries.

Bamboo & coconut water

Bamboo and coconut, regenerates and smooths the hair, giving the soft feeling and increasing the volume.Three oils: coconut, almond, jojoba toogether with panthenol improves the structure of the hair, helping to keep hair shiny, with extra volume. The fragrance of exotic coconut water and bamboo takes you to magical parts of the world.


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