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Inspired by Korea, where flawless skin is everything, we adopted the richest recipes to create a range of moisturizing face masks and the best cosmetics. Precise skin care and its beautiful appearance is our priority for all #SUGUgirls! From a charcoal mask to a moisturizing panda mask.

Avocado Sheet Mask

Utilizing the power of superfoods, it intensively nourishes the skin. It provides moisture to dry and dull skin leaving it soft and radiant.

Peeling facecleaner

It is a beneficial massage that stimulates blood circulation and gently cleanses.

Cucumber Sheet Mask

Keep calm and say goodbye to redness and irritation. Soothing mask.

Egg White Sheet Mask of egg white

It gives the skin a beautiful color, moisturizes and brightens.

Cooling Eye Pads

Liven up tired eyes thanks to perfectly shaped gel flakes with ginseng and eucalyptus. The mask under the eyes soothes and reduces swelling by which the eyes are bright and beautiful.

Sugu Charcoal Bubble Sheet mask

Witness the incredi-bubble power of oxygen! This mask is formulated with anti-oxidant rich ingredients to help purify skin. The gentle O2 bubbling action starts on application lifting impurities from the face.

Lip Balm Single

The mask makes the lips soft and moisturized.

Cooling Eye Pads

Brilliant after a night of fun, hard day’s work or sports challenge.


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